Since it opened its doors in February 2006, Elixir has provided the casual diner excellent value for money within a warm and inviting setting.

Every morning our muffins, cakes and biscuits and made fresh for you by our trained bakers and taste tested by our front of house staff. Our dedicated baristas are committed to coffee greatness where only the very best coffee is served. Our kitchen where possible uses fair trade, locally sourced, sustainable and free range products. Our qualified chefs have an all-consuming passion for food, using a simple combination of very fresh ingredients, providing you with an experience of home away from home.


Morning Bevy’s

Superfood Smoothies 7.8

Mango, banana, yoghurt, chia seeds

Peach, strawberry, banana, chia sees, honey, almond milk

Blueberry, banana, almond milk, honey

Spinach, kiwifruit, banana, yoghurt, honey

Extracted whole fruit juices 7.8

Pear, ginger, pineapple

Carrot, pineapple and apple

Carrot, apple, turmeric, lemon

Beetroot, orange, apple and ginger

Bottled Juice 5.0

Orange, cranberry, feijoa, apple

Iced 7.0

Milkshakes – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla

Iced chocolate, coffee, mocha


Coke/coke zero 4.5

Lemonade 4.5

Bunderburg ginger beer 5.0

Lemon, lime, bitters 5.0

Loose Leaf Tea 4.0

English breakfast

French earl grey

Organic Peppermint

Jade green

Strawberry & kiwifruit


Regular 4.0

Large 4.5

Alternative milk available .50

Hot ginger and honey 4.0




Lindauer Fraise Sparkling 200ml 10.5

House Pinot Gris 10.0/46.5

House Sauvignon Blanc 9.0/38.0

House Chardonnay 9.0/38.0

House Merlot 9.5/41.5

House Pinot Noir 10.8/49.5


Heineken 8.5

Monteiths Black, Pilsner, Original 8.0

Monteiths Apple Cider 8.5

Amstel low 6.5

V+ vegan V vegetarian GF gluten free NF Nut free DF Dairy free ** Contains nuts


Early Bird

Vogel’s Toast choose preserves or Manuka honey V 7.5

Toasted Vogel’s with avocado, tomato, feta, pistachio dukkah & chia seeds V** 15.0

Honey Roasted Granola with fresh apples, banana, orange & passionfruit yoghurt V** 13.5

Super House Porridge with cinnamon apples, rhubarb compote and sugared almonds V** 9.8

Raspberry And Banana Bread with coconut yoghurt and grilled banana (served warm) DF GF NF V 9.0

Two Free Range Eggs served boiled with soldiers 9.5

Two Free Range Eggs fried, poached or scrambled on toasted tank or Vogel’s V 12.5

Alternative milks available add 1.50 Gluten free breads available add 2.0



Kransky sausages (2) 6.5
Tomato 5.5
Mushrooms 6.0
Bacon 6.5
Rosemary potatoes 5.5
Avocado 5.5
Spinach 5.5


To Tide You Over

Garlic Butter & Herb Loaf 10.5

Petti Loaf’s with house dips 12.8

Straight Cut Chips with tomato sauce, condensed milk mayo & aioli V 10.5

Wedges with cheese, sweet chilli sauce & sour cream 14.8

All Day & All Night

Elixir Breakfast with bacon, kransky sausages, free range eggs, mushrooms, toast, rosemary potatoes & hollandaise V** 19.5

Elixir Eggs Benedict served on Vogel’s or tank toast with hollandaise & free range eggs.
Choose from:
bacon 16.8
salmon 17.5
sautéed mushrooms 16.8

Buttermilk Pancakes with grilled banana, salted caramel sauce, macadamia nuts & vanilla ice cream V ** 15.5 add bacon 18.5

Kumara, Sweet Corn, Kale And Feta Fritters with beetroot relish V GF NF 15.5 add bacon 18.5

Breakfast Salad with avocado, bacon, tomatoes, poached egg, parmesan & rocket GF NF 16.8

Elixir’s Famous Mince on Toast with a free range poached egg & aioli, using local beef from Green Meadows Farm 17.0

Roasted Mushrooms & Kale with lemon, thyme, chilli & pine nuts with quinoa & cauliflower cakes & a poached egg GF V 17.5

Southern Fried Chicken chive waffle, topped with a poached egg & green chilli hollandaise 17.0

Creamy Mushrooms creamy roast garlic & balsamic mushrooms on toasted sourdough V 15.5 add bacon 18.5

Coconut Chicken Curry with jasmine rice, bok choy & crispy noodles 18.9

Beef Schnitzel with rosemary potatoes, fried egg and gravy 18.5

Lemon & Thyme Chicken Salad with rocket, feta, macadamia nuts, orange & avocado GF 18.0

Lemon Pepper Battered Market Fish with tartare & side of chips 19.5

World Famous Chicken & Bacon Sandwich with lettuce, mayonnaise & cheese toasted & skewered together served with fries 18.5

Thai Peanut Budda Bowl with spiced chickpea, spinach, quinoa, roasted kumara, radish, carrot and avocado VV+ GF 17.0

Polenta Crumbed Calamari, kale and radish salad with roasted peanuts and Thai styled dressing GF ** 16.8

Braised Beef Cheek with pumpkin gnocchi and crispy kale 20.5